Our general sale-purchase based terms and conditions shall encompass all contracts of sale and purchase exclusively between us and our customers. Any kind of differing conditions of buyer are inacceptable. Any agreement meant for affecting the execution of this agreement should be in black and white.

Prices of products and services
Prices valid at the delivery date will be applicable. The company preserves the right to upgrade prices for any good or services prior to any controllable measure (e.g., any change in the government’s laws to raise the labor costs etc.), in case such a change occurs after the order confirmation and before the delivery. Each price is an ex work exclusive of any taxes.

Contract offer and conclusion
Samples and templates of items and/ or services need be considered non-binding material for any item. Those only give a mere approximation of the item/ services demanded. The weight, gauge or volume of the goods at the time of shipment need be considered valid.

Terms of delivery
Conformed delivery dates are not fixed dates unless mentioned otherwise. We deserve the right to put off a delivery date owing to any force majeure that may take some extra time for recovery and result in the extension of the delivery period. If, by any means, the order delivery becomes completely impossible for us we deserve the right to revoke the contract completely. Uncontrollable events like strikes, protests, natural calamities and other events free of our influence are considered force majeure. We only preserve the right to repeal the contract should a supplier fail to comply the delivery after the contract.

Our company will not be liable to noncompliance unless a delay in the delivery is caused by our efforts or those of auxiliary persons, after order conformation. Should we be liable as the aforementioned terms the liability will stay restricted to only the visible and foreseeable damages specifically under circumstances. We deliver the goods from the seller’s premises. Traveling of goods operates at the risk of the client unless agreed otherwise.

All payments must be made in advance via paypal/ credit card/ any other online source available on our site. The order stands cancelled if any payment transaction fails to complete due to any unforeseen problems, e.g., card verification problem or incomplete information provided in the payment details form. A payment is considered made when it is at our disposal only.

In case a delivered item is found defected or dysfunctional, a report by the customer is required through email within the next 24 hours of delivery for scrutiny. Yet any damages owing to some problems in shipment will not be acceptable by us.
In case a delivered item is found faulty we deserve the right to decide if it is to be repaired or completely replaced by us. Our contracts are governed exclusively by British Warranty and Product Liability Laws.

Technical advice
We will be liable to charge against anything foreseeable and mishandled by our experts. All pieces of advices are given by our experts to our worthy clients free of cost in good faith. However, we will be liable to damages only caused at the hands of our own experts typically.

Liability to damages
Liability to damages is strictly delimited to the provisions made in paragraphs 5, 6 and 7. Particularly with respect to damages claimed as a result of our incompetence. A claim made after a non-considerable period of time will not be acceptable.

Miscellaneous Clauses
The venue for placing an order is our website We preserve the right to make any changes in it now or in future.

Terms of sales
All the terms of sale followed by this website follow the British Sale of Goods Act 1979 exclusively. Application of any other kind of sale of goods act is excluded expressively.

Exportation Law issues
In case exporting a file to a venue asked by the client is a problem due to any exportation law issues the client will be solely responsible for solving such issues (e.g., getting permission from his local government etc.).

Terms Of service

1. The right to make changes to this site is preserved by us, the disclaimers and the mentioned terms and conditions at any time.

2. Please download the returns form from our website before trying to make a return. Also please follow the returns authorization method. We will issue the authorization number when you contact us via email. It won’t take long to return an item including a returns form.

3. We can refund or replace an opened item only it is either faulty, or if it was delivered to you through our mistake.

4. For a refund or replacement, we take up to seven days to test every single return from the date of the receipt of item. You are liable for the postage of the refund or the returned item. It is entirely your responsibility to check if the purchased item matches hardware currently used by you.

5. Although we try to make sure that all prices on our website are correct, some errors may occur. You will get a full refund if we notice an error in the price of goods ordered by you.

6. It ought to be undertaken by you that all the detail provided by you for the purpose of purchase are correct. Details of delivery remain unchanged after an order is placed. The information provided by you automatically prints our labels. Any loss caused by the incorrect delivery details entered by you is solely your responsibility.

7. By placing an order, you are registered with us. In this case you agree that you may receive email promotions, news updates and latest offers from us at the email address you have entered.

8. You agree that you are at least eighteen years old to use this site. If a minor, only under the supervision of a guardian can you use this site.

9. Our services are not drop shipping based. Delivery addresses entered must be your own residential or working place.

10. The period of delivery mentioned by our website is an estimated one. Products ordered by you will be delivered to the address mentioned by you as stated in the order confirmation. We dispatch from Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5.30 pm. We are not responsible for any delay in the delivery period.

11. We are not liable to you for any delay in the delivery of products due to any natural calamities, war, strikes, protests, floods, earthquakes, tsunami, lock-outs, civil tumult, malicious damages, explosions or other reasons beyond our control.

12. An order for a UK based address is considered lost in transit after 15 working days of dispatch only. Any order to other all other addresses are considered lost after 25 days of dispatch only. We will offer a refund or replacement of the lost item(s) if the delivery does not meet the mentioned timeframes. In case of a replacement(s) you may need to fill in a form from the original courier conforming you haven’t received the item(s). However, we reserve the right to pass your details to a debt collection company to recover the cost of your order along with all other expenses related to the product and those of recovering the debt, in case you, a) Do not fill the conformation form completely, or b) Admit that you have received the item(s) but not informed us about the receipt. Claims of lost include up to three claims per account and address. Please note that any order is not considered lost in transit after ninety days.

13. We send items from our warehouses across different areas of UK and Channel Islands. Multiple items are usually sent in separate packaging. No additional tax/duty charges not already included in the price are charged from UK based delivery addresses. For all other countries delivery addresses we are not responsible for any taxes/ duties/ customs or any similar charges asked by their own countries.

14. Please try to use a PayPal account/ debit/ credit card having the same address as your order delivery address for making payment for an order. This minimizes the chance of a payment detail flagged by our automated fraud prevention system. In case an order is flagged by this system it can cause the rejection or refund of an order by us before dispatch.

15. Should you like to cancel an order in must be cancelled while in progress. An order is not cancelled once picking has started. Please visit the My Orders section your account, locate your order and click the ‘Cancel” button if you want to cancel an eligible order. You may also back the contract off within seven working days after the product is dispatched by returning the unopened order in the same condition it was in at the time of delivery to you along with a fully completed returns form. You will receive the refund of the purchase cost via the same method used by you within thirty days of your order. You will take the responsibility for all the charges that incur in returning the order.

16. You undertake that looking after your username and password is entirely your responsibility. You are also responsible for orders placed through your account.

17. You agree to notify us of any issues faced by you via the contact page before you take any other action.

18. All transactions are charged in GDP. Any prices mentioned in other currencies are estimated.

19. Please note that no order is update able. Please contact us should you need to change the address of a previous order.

20. We preserve the right to use any positive comments given by you on our blog or social media, about services, as a testimony of our products and services. Should you not appreciate it being used as a testimony, kindly contact us for its removal.
21. We are unable to resend an undelivered product to you once returned to us by the courier. However, we can refund you for the purchase and contact you to inform you of the situation.

22. If you do not agree or understand all or any of the mentioned statements please exit this site right now.